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Erfolgreich rekrutiert - und jetzt? Unsere Deutschtrainings in Ihrem Haus, via Skype oder beim Mitarbeiter. Flexibel, professionell, auf Wunsch mit Feedback an Ihre Personalabteilung. Wir helfen Ihren Mitarbeitern, anzukommen und Sie konzentrieren sich auf das Wesentliche. Mehr auf LEISTUNGEN oder kontaktieren Sie uns direkt


You are new in the city and need a partner who teaches you German and how things are working here? We help you! In your house or at your work place. Also via SKYPE! We make you fit for living and working in Germany. Contact us and tell us what you need to get started! 


You need to prepare for job interviews in Germany? We teach you how to show the best in you! Expressions, answering tricky questions and summarizing your CV. We provide you with an experienced trainer with a recruiting background who knows how a job inverview works in Germany.  We do not guarantee the job (or place you in), but we will make sure you will feel well prepared and cool about the next interview.  Including a CV check in German. Contact us now!

Deutschinstitut ARTE-AGA - your professional partner for German training in business.